Chef knows how to wash hands

Eugene, OR -- At the Salty Hog House, a quaint “Keep Eugene Weird” kinda restaurant that used to be the Fish Cottage, you can see your meat being roasted all around you in the repurposed fish tanks that line the…
Jack Milky
March 15, 2020

Heartbroken Waiter Splits All Checks

MEMPHIS, TN -- Dwayne Casey is a 19 year old server at Mafia Tony’s Kneecappin’ Spaghetti. He loves Busch Light, the stars, The Insane Clown Posse, and -at least until today- his girlfriend Amber. None of his coworkers are entirely…
Sean Russell
February 14, 2020

Local Barista For Justice

Helena, Montana—The Panera Bread at the Capitol Hill Mall is offering up something a little different these days: JUSTICE. Since the company chose to hire local barista and self-proclaimed vigilante Jamie Hope two weeks ago, many unexpecting customers have been…
New Guy
February 12, 2020

Hedge Fund VP Worries Verbal Tip Wasn’t Heard

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Brent Gionni, longtime Jacksonville resident, contacted our industry insiders early yesterday morning on his morning commute. Mr. Gionni, 32, wanted us to know about a recent experience that has been weighing heavily on him. On Wednesday, Brent,…
New Guy
February 9, 2020

Instagram Restaurant Only Serves Menu

SEATTLE, WA -- The Instagram restaurant, AirBites, has created quite a stir amongst the millennial crowd through serving their menu. Just their menu, nothing more. If you have to ask them why, you obviously can remember the nineties. Those with…
New Guy
February 8, 2020

Inmate’s Last Meal Sent Back

LEAVENWORTH, KS -- David Bradley Cooper, local resident of the maximum security federal prison, has been given only a matter of hours to live before death by lethal injection. David Cooper, known to his friends as ‘DB,’ will be going…
Greg Parker
February 7, 2020