Pile Of Rags Moves

AKRON, OH -- The staff at Pho Gettaboutit have had their suspicions that the pile of rags they’ve created over the week has become sentient for a while now. Kendra Dulaney, veteran server and most pious worker, has convinced her…
Sean Russell
April 27, 2019

Cancer Scare Turns Out To Be Pregnancy

BOISE, ID -- Candice Johnson’s coworkers are unsure how to cope after finding out that her occasional references to “the thing growing inside me,” are actually about a fetus. Not a tumor, as they had initially suspected. “I like to…
Connor Ives
April 23, 2019

Server Frames First DUI

ROCHESTER, NY -- Brock Tanner has invited all of his coworkers to his “DUI Announcement” party this Thursday in the hopes that they will accept him as one of their own. Needless to say, the entire concept of having an…
Sasha Jordan
April 16, 2019