PORTLAND, OR — Protesters have been gathered outside of Cafe Oh Hey for the past two weeks. The primary target of their frustration comes from the fact that the owner of Cafe Oh Hey has decided to drastically reduce the price of the art hanging in the bistro.


“Coffeehouse art should have drastically overrated prices,” Kevin Klein, one of the protesters, told Sauce On the Side, “when I see a painting hanging on the walls of a cafe, I have certain expectations. It needs to be of questionable skill to the point where I am unable to decipher if the artist sucks or not, preferably be hung with a description of the piece that gives me no ability to glass any depth from it, and have a price that leaves me wondering who the hell would ever buy it.”


The level of vitriol directed towards Cafe Oh Hey took the owner completely by surprise. “I had no idea that this was such a hot button issue for people,” Oscar Chambers, the owner in question, said, “turns out, people are unable to critique the inherent value of art without first knowing how much it costs. This whole time I was thinking that art derived its value from the perception of the individual. Guess I was wrong.”

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