SPOKANE, WA -- Area customer Stacy Jones has spent the last twenty five minutes completely baffled by her self-inflicted limits to what she can eat. In her first experience eating out ever since she became gluten-free, vegan, paleo and annoying, Stacy is flabbergasted by the server’s disappointing responses to everything she tries to order. “It’s like this restaurant has nothing for me to eat, and it sucks,” Ms. Jones exclaimed, “I would expect a Brazilian Steakhouse to be able to cater to their customer’s needs, but I guess not.”

Over the course of an hour, Stacy’s server had to explain to her several times that there was in fact gluten in breadsticks, mayonnaise is not vegan, there is no such thing as faux prime rib, and that not only were chicken tenders never on the menu but they were also out of line with her dietary needs. When asked about the situation, her server had this to say, “I don’t give a damn if she tips or not. This lady has given our staff material for months. Sure, I could lie to her and tell her that the next thing she orders will be alright, but it’s just too fun to see her get frustrated and try to figure out what exactly it is that she can eat.”
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