LAWRENCE, KS -- The kitchen staff of Beef, It's What’s For Diner, a local restaurant, has been in the weeds since opening today. A deluge of customers descended upon the diner and the kitchen has been drowning in orders. Ticket times have been holding steady at 50 minutes, and have shown no sign of lowering any time soon. “We knew we were in trouble as soon as we started opening,” Beth Davis, kitchen manager, said, “one of our guys couldn’t be bothered to show up and he doesn’t have a phone. I think our dishwasher was tripping acid all night. He clocked in and decided to take a nap under one of our prep tables. Nobody can wake him up.”

Several customers could see that the line cooks were in dire straits, took pity on them, and decided to help in any way they could. “When I saw one of the cooks sobbing, I just knew I had to do something,” Emily Isaac, former customer and current employee, told Sauce OTS, “I do the dishes at home all the time, so I asked them if I could do that. So here I am, in the dish pit.” Two other customers worked on the line ten years ago, and are currently tax attorneys/kitchen expos. “I could recognize the steady stream of profanity coming from the kitchen as a cry for help,” Dave, one of the lawyers/new line cooks, said, “my partner and I ran downstairs, threw on an apron, and began trying to push food out.” Beth Davis is currently trying to convince both attorneys and their new dishwasher to quit their day jobs and start working at the restaurant full time.
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