CHICAGO, IL -- Barbara and Tucker Davis have spent their first time in Chicago frequenting all of the usual tourist sites. Unbeknownst to the couple from Vermont, the quaint Italian eatery that they selected for dinner tonight has actually been a front for the mob since its inception.

` “It’s so charming here,”  Barbara, trying to Skype with her grandchild, told Sauce On the Side, “I can’t imagine why the whole restaurant is empty except for those Italian fellows over there. Everyone else who walks in leaves right away. Which is such a shame because the food here is so good. And the atmosphere is spot on, we even got dinner and a show didn’t we Tucker?”

The ‘show’ Mrs. Davis is referring to would be the meeting between “those Italian fellows” and a bookie who hasn’t been paying his protection money for some time now. Tucker found the bookie’s pleas for leniency and his shouts of anguish as they broke his fingers in the back to be an unexpected but pleasant addition to their meal. Their waiter has been desperately trying to get them to leave by explaining the mortal danger that they are in, but the elderly tourists just think that he’s adding to the ambiance.
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