RENO, NV -- Calvin Holson is a devoted husband, caring friend, and loving father of three. Of his three sons, Calvin undoubtedly has a favorite. “I don’t know how to get through to him,” Felix Holson, the youngest child said, “I’m a medical doctor for god sakes, and every time I call him all he wants to talk about is how Larry was ‘in the weeds’ all day yesterday.” Mr. Holson’s second born, David, is currently an electrical engineer living in Brooklyn. David only comes home for the holidays because he can’t stand to hear his father talk about Larry’s knife skills for any prolonged amount of time.

Calvin insisted that he show Sauce On the Side the scrapbook he’s made of his oldest son’s culinary achievements. “See this one? This was the first ticket he had that went over 25 minutes,” Calvin informed Sauce OTS, “that may have been one of our darkest days. Oh, here’s the bar tab he racked up at his company Christmas party two years ago. Just look at all those shots on there, wow. And check this out, it’s the server book of the first waitress he hooked up with. Cindy was such a nice girl.” Larry is flattered that his father has taken such an interest in his career, but he still isn’t sure how to feel about the scrapbook.
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