TULSA, OKLAHOMA- Charles Stephens, Assistant Manager at a downtown steakhouse, has discovered through a customer’s calm observation that he has to completely revamp his staff training program. It seems the United States Department of Agriculture temperature guide for cooked meat is out of date.

“I skipped the corporate retraining last month,” Stephens said, “and I guess that’s where I went wrong.” 

According to Doug Warsop, county volunteer firefighter, medium temperature for cooked meat is brown all the way through. “I grill for the neighborhood every summer, and the trick is to make sure it’s burned but it isn’t bloody, that’s what my dad taught me.” Warsop was on the USDA committee to change the guidelines to more accurately convey what people expect when consuming cow products.

“Mr. Warsop was firm and had only a slightly raised voice when he told his server that we had gotten his ribeye wrong. I really thank him for his thorough reeducation of my staff,” Stephens said.

An illustration of the new visual descriptions for meat of barely pink through charred black will be available for the menu later next month.
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