COLUMBIA, MO -- Bradley Jones, local bigot and perpetual bachelor, has finally brought the staff of his favorite watering hole to the breaking point.. After years of regular attendance at David Brewie’s, Brad has been cut off for the first time. “I've gotten used to the groping, the sleazy comments on my outfit and even the blatant objectification,” Sarah, one of the servers/victims, told Sauce OTS, “but when he started saying things to me that I would expect to hear from my father; I knew we had drastically overserved him.”

         Sarah promptly informed the bartender, who red lighted him faster than he would have copped a feel three drinks ago. The rest of the night was spent bringing him water and slowly walking by him until he regained that classic Bradley Jones unconscionable personality. After several hours, Mr Jones finally made an attempt at taking a server significantly younger than his daughter, home with him. “After that, we knew he was going to be okay, but we were worried there for awhile.” Brad was immediately kicked out as the staff prayed that he would be sent to jail on a DUI, again. “It's just good to have everything back to normal. Everyone has an odd night or two,” Sarah said.
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