DALLAS, TX -- Tomas Harrington has been going through a transitory period in his life. After his wife of twenty seven years, Stephanie, left him two months ago, Tom has been struggling with his own identity. In what, according to Tomas, is a very healthy attempt to move on with his life, the chef has decided to open his own salad and rosé bar. The restaurant will be called “Stephanie, Why?” and is dripping with overt desperation. “I just thought it was time to move on and live my truth,” Mr. Harrington, wearing two Ed Hardy T-shirts, told Sauce OTS, “as a chef, I’ve always wanted to work with the combination of salads and rosé. I mean, is that even something single women like? I wouldn’t know.”

Stephanie, Why? will feature a menu that Tom insists is in no way projecting his inadequacies. The salads are listed as having their ‘perfect match’ wine, and the entrees names vary from ‘I Love Kids’ to ‘I’m Free On Friday Evenings.’ Tom has made it a point that his staff’s uniform will be a T-shirt with the phrase “Kiss The Chef” on it. “Really, I’m totally doing this for myself,” Tomas, currently going through a fedora phase, said, “salads just have so much depth to them, and don’t even get me started on how awesome rosé is. I’m going to be out on the floor every night to make sure that my customers are enjoying themselves. Every detail of this place has been painstakingly thought through. For example, the price of every single menu item adds up to my phone number.”
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