FORT WAYNE, IN -- The patrons of Overcoming Turtles are incredibly confused about the restaurant’s recently adopted ‘no straws’ policy. This is largely due to the fact that the menu of Overcoming Turtles consists almost entirely of turtle based entrees. “When I heard about it, initially I was thinking, ‘Oh good, I’m glad another restaurant wants to save the turtles.’ Then I looked at who it was and just didn’t know what to think,” Stacy Banter, who occasionally orders from Overcoming Turtles when she and her boyfriend can’t agree on what sounds good, told Sauce OTS, “it’d be fine if they were saying they did it for environmental reasons. But no, the owner was very specific that this was for the turtles.”

The restaurant was so proud to militantly champion the new policy that they began taking advertising it in area newspapers. The ad itself features a picture of straws that have been exed-out, with a caption that reads: “Think of the food cost. Save the turtles for the plate.” Shockingly, to the owners, many people felt uncomfortable with Overcoming Turtle’s latest promotion. “We were really proud of that advertisement,” David Phibian, owner of Overcoming Turtles, said, “I just wanted everyone to realize that I care about turtles as much as I care about my bottom line, and that everything these restaurants are doing to save them is also helping me out in the end. I thought everyone would be proud to say that they’ve played their own part in making our delicious turtle soup by refusing to use straws.”
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