COLUMBUS, GA --- After a standoff between Robert Shapiro, the owner of Sparky’s Gourmet BBQ and his upper level management over pay. Bob finally gave in and agreed to a 25 cent increase in pay for his entire staff.

Bob, speaking in a thick Boston accent he somehow retained after living in the midwest for 45 of his 47 years, stated: “I really didn’t wanna do it. I was always told that if you pay a worker to much, they won’t work as hard. All those times I had to come down hard on my employees was for their own good. If they go home to a nice place, or a comfortable bed, they might want to spend more time at home. Then they won’t come to work. You tell an employee: ‘If there’s time to lean there’s time to clean,’ they feel like they have to strive to do a better job and forget their loved ones and focus on their work.”

Since the raise, the staff looks more relaxed, even happy at work. A server told Sauce On the Side that she “finally felt appreciated” at her job. The managers had fought hard for their coworkers. Down from their original request of 50 cents, which Bob had said was “Impossible” and would “Snuff out ‘Old Sparky.” He claimed it was the equivalent of hiring one half of one new employee for one week out of the year. “But we stuck to it.,” front of house manager Rick Campbell, said, “we just kept coming back and asking for a little bit more until we wore him down. I’m glad we did, I had enough money this month to buy real baby food for my daughter. I had just been grinding up bev-naps for the last week.

Sauce OTS was able to get several testimonials from the staff. Who had this to say on the matter:

“Now that I can go home and relax after work, I have more energy to actually care about my tables. It used to be when someone told me their order, I’d just bring out chips and salsa. This isn’t even a Mexican restaurant, but it would usually shut them up for a while. I used to get so tired I would have no idea what the customers were saying”

“I have time to work on recipes and specials, and I’m not just fighting stress-driven alcoholism all the time. It’s weird,now  I’m able to finish all my prep tasks and put those finishing touches on dishes I always dreamed of, like completely cooking chicken.”
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