The premier name in mediocre Chinese food has just announced that they will be expanding their business into a second freezer aisle in grocery stores across the United States. Regular consumers of products such as their ‘Spicy Chicken’ that has no hint of spiciness whatsoever have been rejoicing at the news.

Karen Grant, an avid fan of their product that resembles egg rolls, told Sauce OTS: “I’ve been waiting for so long for P.F. to open another location in my grocery store. One just wasn’t enough. Everything I wanted was always taken. I’m excited to see what kind of exotic offerings they’re going to put out. I just love expanding my palate.”

Some of the new dishes P.F. Chang will be filling the freezer aisle with include: Spicy Cheddar Broccoli Chicken, Mooshoo Pineapple Pork, Hamburger Dim Sum, and a Thai Pho Stir Fry. Their bold choice to make a potato skin egg roll has been referred to as “a culinary slap in the face” by food critics everywhere. Despite this fact, their customer reviews have soared through the roof. It remains to be seen whether or not TGI Fridays will be retaliating by expanding their offerings as well.
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