CREST HILL, IL -- The Stateville Correctional Center has been on the receiving end of an unexpected influx of transfer requests and visits as of late. This recent development is largely considered to be the result of their kitchen receiving a Michelin star. Making them the first prison to ever receive notice for their culinary prowess in the history of the incarceration. 

“A lot of people have written off the food in prisons as nearly inedible,” Chef Jerry Cantor, serving a life sentence for serial arson and manslaughter, told Sauce On the Side, “that’s the kind of challenge I look for as a chef/inmate with no chance of seeing the outside world again. Cooking and arson are my passion. Only one of those things are available to me here so I figured I might as well make the best of it.”

Chef Cantor has been called “The Master of the Tray” and “a guy whose knife skills you don’t want to see outside the kitchen.” His lack of access to a wide array of spices, produce, and cooking implements have forced him to get creative with his recipes. His bold choice to include a light amount of degreaser in the chili and cornbread they served was scoffed at initially. But no one is laughing now, anyone who ate it was dead later that day.

“I’ll admit, I got off to a rough start,” Chef said, “but we worked the kinks and now look at me. I’m a Micheline star winning chef and I’m hard as fuck. I hear restaurants on the outside are trying to emulate my work. I wish them luck. Nobody can get access to the kind of barely fit for human consumption inventory that I’ve got.”
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