O’Flannigan O’Malley Fitzpatrick’s may look like any other Irish Pub but this restaurant proves that looks aren’t everything. In an effort to distinguish itself from the rest of the pack, head chef Bobby James has just released a starch free menu that is both just okay and incredibly offensive. The idea came to Chef James after visiting the pubs on either side of him and across the street.

“I just noticed that we were all doing the exact same things with our cuisine,” Bobby told Sauce On the Side, “so I thought to myself, ‘wasn’t there a time when Irish people had to go without potatoes. They are from Peru, after all.’ And then I just ran with it without asking anyone for feedback. I think it’s going well.”

His bold and insensitive choice has certainly given O’Flannigan O’Malley Fitzpatrick’s the attention that they desperately craved. Many customers have asked the staff why someone would think this was a good idea and what kind of person would come up with something like this. No one on the payroll is entirely sure how to adequately answer these questions due to the fact that they’re just as confused.
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