Here at SauceOTS we spend a lot of time making fun of restaurants and the bizarre things we do to/for customers. In this series of articles, we wanted to do something a little bit different. We wanted to be serious, not that serious, just a little serious.  Also, we don’t often do series of articles. So there’s like a 90% chance my editor won’t let me do any of this.

            I want to talk about us, all of us in the service industry, but particularly the people who work in restaurants.

            In restaurants, we have more power and influence than we realize. Collectively, we control the food, the destination, the tastes, and the sensibilities of thousands of people a week. If you come up with a good idea for food, you can draw people for miles to your restaurant.

            Take KFC for example: Colonel Sanders invented the deep fryer. Full Stop. That fucker invented a horrible, explosive, dangerous killing/burning machine that people fucking love. The deep fryer. Why? Because we need a more effective way to put Panko breadcrumbs on barnyard animals? No. For no fucking reason. Just to make chicken easier. And people fucking eat it. It is one of the most dangerous foods. Fried food kills more people than cigarettes. Full Stop.

Side note: I was in Paris one time, and not the one in Texas, and some garcon-motherfucker was using that same goddamned psychotic death machine to toast pita for a 10 euro (I totally know what the euro symbol looks like and how to find it on an American keyboard, I just didn’t want to) French cheese board.

How is that possible? That a cooking technique that was developed to produce the bawdiest, brashest food in the United States was being used for cooking in France. a country with one of the oldest and most revered cooking traditions. They invented béchamel (probably).

That’s the power of restaurants. Ingenuity and innovation the kind that happens in restaurants everyday has the power to change the way billions of people across the world (I actually researched this bit) eat food prepared in deep fryers. They cook birds’ nests in deep fryers in Jiangnan Province in China. They use it to cook falafel in Times Square and Tehran. In short, a restaurant, the power of food and people transcends all cultural, political, and religious ties. Atheists and Mennonites eat at Churches Chicken. Protesters yelling that “Mexicans should get out” eat taco shells at Taco Bell cooked in a deep fryer.

In restaurants, we have the power. We make the menus, we make the connections with customers that keep them coming back, we teach the whole of humanity what to drink what to eat and how to treat each other.

I want to, over this series of articles, share ways in which we the servers, bartenders, and cooks have already made immutable changes to the lives of individuals, communities, and the global economy. Moreover, how we can take use our profound influence to remake the world the way we want it to be. Like Neo. Cuz I keep watching The Matrix, cuz it’s on Netflix and I just don’t want to invest in new shows.
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