GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- Taylor Brown is currently celebrating her first off-the-clock Thanksgiving in five years. Her family has noticed that she has been fighting the urge to work throughout the day. “I just worry for her,” Doug Brown, her father, told Sauce On the Side, “she came up to me this morning while I was preparing the rub for our turkey and asked for a specials description. I don’t know what that is but I’m pretty sure that it’s slang for something drug-related.”

As her relatives gradually began pouring into the house, Taylor would take them to a couch, the dining table, or seat them in bedrooms. Every single time someone would get up to take a glass or plate into the kitchen, she would tell them: “Oh you can just leave that at your table. We’ll take care of it for you.” Her family, none of whom have ever worked in a restaurant, are concerned that this is some sort of mental breakdown.

“I love my daughter, but something is wrong,” Doug said, “she just lorded over us as we ate Thanksgiving dinner and kept asking us if how we were doing and if everything was tasting okay. She would say ‘yes chef’ and ‘thank you chef’ every time I would talk to her. Isn’t that a meth thing? It has to be, right? When we were done eating she wanted to know if we needed any to-go boxes. We’ve never had to-go boxes in this house before. I don’t know if she knows where she is right now. My wife and I have agreed to take her to the hospital for a psychiatric assessment later tonight. Just to make sure everything’s okay.”
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