LINCOLN, NE -- It’s that magical time of year again, there’s a crisp in the air and the Baby Got Tap Christmas party is drawing nearer. In anticipation, Alexis Daves has begun drawing up a short list of potential drunken mistakes. “It’s going to happen,” Alexis said, “I might as well figure out who I’m going to regret hooking up with now, unlike last year. I’m not going down the manager road again. I know I’ve got a lot of hang-ups, but they're not without reason. I’m trying to be smart about this. I thought about maybe hooking up with a kitchen guy this time, but I’m pretty sure their idea of dirty talk would just be yelling at me about how stupid my tickets are.”

Miss Daves list of innevitably shameful couplings has been well thought out and researched. Her initial pick was one of her fellow bartenders, Sam Kershaw, but after hearing from her friend Liz that Sam leaves his socks on in bed, Alexis decided to pass on him. She has also been able to eliminate several other staff members as options for reasons ranging from still calling their mom “mommy” to having a pet snake.

As is stands, her current top choice is Mike Gunthrop, one of the servers. “He’s nice, but not too nice,” Alexis said, “I don’t think he’s going to pull any weird shit on me. At least anything I can’t handle. And he’s got a dog. So even if the night is a total wash I can wake up hungover and cuddle with a dog for an hour before I go home.”
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