SAINT LOUIS, MO -- Trent Lower has been a waiter for around twelve years now. At this point, it would seem that restaurant life has been deeply ingrained into his DNA. He and his three roommates all work in the front of house at Casa Toalla, and they are unable to stop themselves from bringing work home with them.

Trent chronically finds himself taking dishes off the table while any one of his roommates are eating, refilling their glasses, constantly asking how everything is tasting, and wondering if they are enjoying themselves. You can frequently hear “Corner” being shouted throughout the house, even when there’s only one person home.

“I’d love to be able to get off the clock, go home, and leave my work behind me for the day,” Mr. Lower said, “but it’s just not possible at this point. We’ve all been doing this for way too long. I just wish we could get a dishwasher to move in. We have this really bad habit of scraping our plates and just leaving them in the sink. At least all of our silverware gets rolled.”
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