BRANSON, MO -- Jim Dawson and his lovely wife Marissa rely on their server to tell them exactly what they should order every restaurant they go to. This trip to Drop the Beet, however, has proven to be a frustrating dining experience, to say the least. The source of their disappointment lies solely on the shoulders of their server, Courtney, who is known among the staff at Drop the Beet for her brutal honesty towards customers.

	“We just asked her what was good to eat here,” Marissa, a woman well out of Jim’s league yet somehow married to him, said. “So she told us what she gets every time she eats here, but that the kitchen wouldn’t bother making it for us because it’s too complicated and they don’t like us enough to do it.”

	Marissa, a woman with a heart of gold trapped in a loveless marriage to a man who doesn’t appreciate her the way I would, was taken aback by Courtney’s rude response to their simple question. Undeterred, and with a grace and beauty reserved for saints, she pressed on with her inquiry.

	“Then I asked her what we should get instead and told her that it was our first time here,” Mrs. Dawson, radiating the warmth and beauty that rests in her soul, said after her husband tried to chime in with something stupid and boorish. “That’s when Courtney rolled her eyes and shouted ‘salad’ at us until we said that sounds good.”

	By the end of the meal, Marissa was happy with the decision Courtney made for her. Mr. Dawson’s remarks on the way they were treated were so worthless that they are not included here. She has yet to leave her husband at the time of this article’s publication.
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