LAS VEGAS, NV -- Executive Chef Jordan Ramsey has been lauding the latest addition to his all you can eat Vegas-style buffet: crabs. “I have been waiting to get crabs for years,” Jordan told Sauce On the Side, “I’ve heard nothing but complaints about it from the people who come here to chow down.”  It is common knowledge that if you don’t have crabs, you can’t call yourself a Vegas-style buffet. This fact has been haunting Mr. Ramsey, and he has openly admitted to losing sleep over the matter. The Yelp reviews have not been kind to Chef Ramsey’s buffet, stating that they could never hope to be satisfied by his restaurant after walking away without getting a boatload of crabs.

“I hated seeing those reviews,” Jordan said, “it made me sick that they felt cheated by my lack of crustaceans.” Thankfully, Mr. Ramsey has decided to part ways with his long-term food provider and dove head first into a relationship with the first new one he met. Jordan claims that it didn’t matter who they were, so long as they had crabs that he could put into his customer's mouths. “It’s really working out great,” Chef Ramsey told Sauce OTS, “I wasted no time letting my customers know. I paid a hefty sum to take out a billboard ad on the highway. It’s a picture of me in my chef’s coat, the name of my restaurant, and then a caption that reads: ‘I’ve got crabs now! Come and get ‘em!”
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