DALLAS, TX — Tiffany Nelson originally thought that her customer at table 16 was just like any other. This foolhardy notion that Travis was just like any other civilians walking into Cabronito was dashed the minute she brought out his entree. As she hovered over table 16, using an oven mitt to hold his plate, she tried to tell him that the dish was very hot. But Travis, like the true champion he is, waved off her caution and seized the plate from her grip, gently setting it down on the table. “It was right then and there that I knew he must work in a kitchen,” Miss Nelson said. “I felt so ridiculous for the way I had treated him, like some kind of outsider who doesn’t understand what it means to work in the service industry. Only a cook could have the kind of dedication to burning the ever living shit out of their hands enough to grab a plate that hot. I’m just so impressed. Once I told my manager who we were dealing with in my section, he gave me permission to give Travis the employee discount.” Travis, trying to stay collected about how cool he was, has been casually enjoying his meal. “That was really hot,” he told Sauce On the Side. “I wish I had listened to her. I just burned myself really bad. But if I cave now, she’ll think I don’t work in a kitchen. I do, I promise; I just use tongs to grab things all the time. Why don’t other cooks do that? Dammit, my hands hurt.”

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