GARLAND, TX — I’d Tap That, a local dive bar, has just witnessed one of the grand miracles of life in the service industry. After their very own barback, Colton Powell, spent six months in a bus bin underneath the bar, he has finally emerged a full fledged bartender. “We’re so proud of Colton and his metamorphosis,” Jerry Brown, bar manager for I’d Tap That, told Sauce OTS, “we were looking to hire a bartender a few months ago, but Powell stepped up and offered to take the steps necessary to become one of us. I still smile every time I think back to my own bus bin cocoon.”


Colton survived six months of having used glasses, straws, and empty beer cans piled on top of him. Just as all his foretenders had, sustaining himself on olives, limes, lemons, and the copy of Cocktail he had brought with him into the tub. “It was hard, but I knew that I had to stick it out,” Mr. Powell, smiling as he makes a bloody mary at 10:30pm, said, “there were times when I thought my body was going to quit on me, when I thought I didn’t have what it takes to be a bartender, when I missed bathrooms. Whenever those thoughts would come up, I would think of the foretenders of ole who had to go through their metamorphosis without Tom Cruise in Cocktail to guide and nurture them. In the end, it was worth it, and I owe everything to Brian Flanagan. The man who every bartender aspires to be.”

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