BALTIMORE, MD — Darcy Greenberg has been serving with distinction as a bartender at Hair of the Dog for the past two years. Customers come and go, regulars often visit her, and her coworkers respect her for being a hard worker. Darcy holds herself to a set of principles as a bartender, one of the tenants of her code is to respect the spirits and she’ll respect you. This had never been a problem for her before. Until the day Tony Barksdale took a seat at her bar.

“He strolled in. Looked like an average guy. Nothing too suspicious,” Miss Greenberg told Sauce OTS, “It was about four in the afternoon, so I figured he’d be looking for one of the craft beers we have on tap. Turns out I was dead wrong. He somehow manages to make eye contact with me while he tells me he want a Glenlivet 18 and coke.” Darcy stood staring at him, gobsmacked, for about 7 minutes. Then she told him he needed to leave. “I have no idea what her problem is,” Tony said, “I’m a man of fine taste. I guess she just can’t appreciate that. So I asked her if I could get a bloody mary with cognac. Next thing you know, I’m banned from the bar.”

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