HENDERSON, NV — The servers and bartenders at Dish Respect have been in awe of their back of house counterpart’s post-shift benders over the past few weeks. “They just keep upping the ante every single day,” Bekkie Carlsbad, dinner shift bartender at Dish Respect, said, “it’s like watching athletes train for the olympics; but, you know, instead it’s belligerent drinking.” There doesn’t seem to be any reason behind the kitchen’s uptic in drunkenness. Several servers have asked them why they’re getting so wasted, to which the kitchen simply responds: ‘Do we need a reason?’


The day shift ends around four o’clock on average. By 4:45 this week, the kitchen of Dish Respect will be on the restaurant patio, three beers and several shots in, attempting to set up a karaoke machine that one of them brought from home. Around 5:30, the line cooks will have switched to hard liquor and be so drunk that they can’t figure out how to use the karaoke machine. “Come five thirty, those guys look like the monkeys in the opening scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey,” Sarah Michaels, the server stuck with wasted line cooks in her section, told Sauce OTS, “We thought about taking their employee discount away for a week. Just to dry them out a little bit. But at this point we’re kind of impressed with their debauchery. We took a vote and decided that we all wanna see where this goes.”

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