Our restaurant research team has been obsessively Google-ing and driving around for weeks trying to bring you the most relevant information possible. We are now ready to say with one hundred percent confidence that the frozen yogurt craze that started a decade ago is, in fact, just a fad.


This stomach curdling news has left every heart in the Sauce On the Side office/designated smoking spot for a restaurant we work at completely frozen. Now you may be thinking to yourself: “Yeah, we all knew that already,” or “Are you stupid,” or maybe even “What do you guys do all day?” We know you’re thinking that because that’s exactly what everyone has been saying to us after our incredible discovery. Comments like these are all the thanks we need here at Sauce On the Side. It’s the reason we get up every morning slightly hungover.


To any restauranteur out there thinking of opening up a frozen yogurt shop, we here at Sauce On the Side strongly advise against it. Getting in on the front end of a trend is much more important, we wouldn’t know. Consider opening up a ramen shop instead.

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