TUSCON, AZ — The Sauce On the Side team has been investigating claims that stocking and filling up a station with random pans are not the same thing. What we’ve determined could have wide-reaching repercussions throughout the service industry. As it turns out, they are not, in fact, the same thing at all. After pouring over thousands of documents and gathering hundreds of testimonials, the Sauce OTS investigators have come to the conclusion that, while it may appear like you’ve done your job, placing useless things that won’t be needed throughout the shift actually does more harm than good.


Several experts on the matter have been able to confirm that having to waste time searching behind things for what you need is not a good thing. Servers, bartenders, chefs, and line cooks alike have been shocked by news of this. Here’s what a few of our readers had to say on the matter:


“When you first told me I thought you were lying. I always believed that moving things around and dropping six pans on the floor was something that happens when you’re well stocked. It had never occurred to me that I wouldn’t need some of the things that were in my way.” David C. a line cook from Boston.


“Yeah, why do you think the sauce station was always such a mess? How is this news to anyone?” Ashley J. a server in Philidelphia.


“If my co-workers force me to spill another thing of simple syrup in our cooler again, I’m going to force them to read this every single morning. Thank you.” Matt H. a bartender in Sacramento.

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