Here at Sauce On the Side, we put the lives of unwitting bystanders -and occasionally our own- on the line every day to bring you the kind of information you need but don’t have the balls to ask for. We’ve spent months doing painstaking field research to bring you the earth-shattering news that Taco Bell is, in fact, edible.


After giving four dishwashers an open bar tab and placing them under intermittent supervision, the Sauce On the Side staff drove them to the nearest Taco Bell. There was some debate as to whether or not the young involunteers would even want something akin to off-brand astronaut ice cream wrapped in a tortilla. It turns out that when you’re drunk, you make bad decisions (more research is being done on that at this very moment).


The minute our dishwashers were given the bag of ‘food,’ they began devouring the contents inside. We kept them for several hours of surveillance afterward to note the effects of the meal. The results of the experiment were an overwhelming success, being that only one of them was hospitalized later on due to completely unrelated alcohol poisoning. We here at Sauce On the Side will stand by our findings that Taco Bell is edible and urge anyone who would like to try and duplicate our tests to please do so.

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