After years of joyfully huffing away, Sauce On the Side employees discovered that the flat stuff that comes out after you suck out all the nitrous is actually edible. Turns out, a bunch of scientists who are severely allergic to parties decided to make this thing called “Whipped Cream” that needs to be in a canister with nitrous gas. The flavor of this “Whipped Cream” is light and sweet with a hint of vanilla. It’s actually eerily similar to the stuff you get on top of milkshakes, almost identical, in fact.


We still have yet to apologize to our managers over the years who’ve yelled at us about food cost as we inhaled a crate worth of hippy crack and we’re probably not going to. The Sauce on the Side research team has yet to find any practical uses for the cream, as we keep getting high in order to brainstorm things we could do with it. As always, should you have any special recommendations for us, feel free to reach out to us on social media or email us at: guy@guyfieri.com

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