We here at the Sauce On the Side team emerged from our annual April fools day to Easter bender, reached past empty Coors cans and gently used condoms, and grabbed our phones. Because we never engage in pillow talk with co-workers we’ve slept with and neither should you. After checking Instagram, where we get all of our news from, we were shocked to learn that the oldest, worst bar in Paris had burned down. Seeing as we’re all about covering events in the service industry, we figured: fuck it, let’s talk about this shitty dive. So basically Notre Dame is this really old pub that hosts weekly events where you’re lucky to be served maybe a sip of wine after waiting forty-five minutes for the bartender to get his shit together. Then they’re pretty much kicking you out. “It’s a great time if you pregame,” said a person, who would talk to us. The main draw to this tourist trap is the kitschy old flair all over the place and the live music. Which is weird because it’s almost exactly the same every time you go, but the regulars seem to love it because they attend the events religiously. Whether you love it or hate it, we can all agree that Notre Dame finally got lit as of last week.“Yeah suck it Fyre fest. This shit is real fire. And they had baguettes.” said that same dude.

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