Sauce On the Side has been flooded with messages asking what people were supposed to get from the walk-in. The resounding answer is that we don’t know either. It is a widely accepted fact that there is a phenomenon known as “Walk-In Amnesia” that plagues restaurant workers the world over. Did you need cilantro? Why did the aioli you’re looking for get moved to a different shelf than the one it’s always on? Why didn’t I make a prep list? These are all thoughts that creep into your head as you open the walk-in door.


Sometimes “Walk-In Amnesia” can grow more severe the more hungover you are or the harder you’re trying to not be sick on the clock. In some cases, you can forget what you need by just looking at the door. Anyone who believes they have a cure to this is simply lying. You can make a list all you want, but we all know that you’re going to forget to write something down and it will plague you as you’re stocking. In summation, if you can’t remember what you needed, don’t worry. There are around 500 service industry workers doing the exact same thing at any given moment.

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