Cancer Scare Turns Out To Be Pregnancy

By April 23, 2019 No Comments

BOISE, ID -- Candice Johnson’s coworkers are unsure how to cope after finding out that her occasional references to “the thing growing inside me,” are actually about a fetus. Not a tumor, as they had initially suspected. “I like to think of our staff here as a family. I thought we could carry each other through anything,” Mandy Martin, Candice’s boss, stated. “But this whole ‘baby’ thing is a bolt out of the blue. She smokes, drinks, and regularly inhales degreaser fumes as much as anyone else here. So of course we thought it was cancer. We could have handled that as a group, but a baby? It’s just sad when it happens to someone so young. She’s only 32; just a kid, you know?” Candice has insisted that everyone think of her just as they did before finding out about her condition. Maintaining that her decision to forgo “treatment” of the baby is no one else’s but hers. Miss Johnson also wishes to spend the rest of her days as a non-parent with those she loves. “The doctor says I’ve got nine months,” Candice, holding back tears, told Sauce On the Side. “I knew I was living a high risk lifestyle. I guess I just never thought it would happen to me; it’s always someone else who gets pregnant. Now that I’ve got it, it’s really changed my perspective on things. I guess I’m a little worried about what’s on the other side of this, but not as much as I thought I’d be.”

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