NEW YORK, NY — Servers, line cooks, and bartenders alike are reeling after finding out that someone actually cares about them when they’re not looking for an extra plate or a side of ranch. A group of influential minds are meeting today in an attempt to raise the wages of all restaurant employees in New York. While the general consensus among those on the frontlines of the state is positive, many workers are worried that rising above the poverty line and having disposable income will enable them to have lives outside of work.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Britney Velasquez told Sauce On the Side, “I’ve been a bartender for over a decade, and I don’t think I’ve ever made enough money to truly own anything. Am I really supposed to believe that there’s a lifestyle that doesn’t involve debilitating debt and the stress of providing for my kids on a shoestring budget? Not working two jobs and being able to spend time with my kids sounds great, but that would involve people recognizing us as human beings.”

“I’m honestly nervous,” Stacy Davidson, an area server, informed Sauce OTS, “if I’m not working my ass off earning enough money to eke out a living, I might have to travel or something. What will I do if I’m able to take a holiday off and go visit my family? They haven’t seen me in years. I’m pretty sure they only know the sound of my voice over the phone these days.”

Eric Dover, a line cook with fifteen years of experience, had this to say: “I’ve never been able to imagine a life without roommates. What’s going to happen when I don’t have to text three guys that I’m coming home with someone and they need to get out of the living room? The thought of a social life outside of the immediate group of people I work with would actually be a possibility. Maybe I could catch up with the guys I went to college with on the weekend instead of a random tuesday afternoon.”

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