KEY WEST, FL — Chef Mary Tyler Moore has been on vacation for 26 hours. In that time she has been able to enjoy around thirty minutes of the first vacation she has had in 12 years. “I just can’t stop thinking about work,” Chef Moore, walking through the grocery aisles, told Sauce On the Side, “every single time I start to relax there’s something in my body telling me that it’s wrong. My kid was playing in the house we’re renting yesterday and I yelled at him because he didn’t say behind.” It was around seven thirty in the morning that Mary decided she would head over to the grocery store to stock up on essentials.


She returned four hours later with a food rep, an order to put away, and a sous chef she had met who was also on vacation. Chef Moore told her husband that they were just going to be neighborly and make a meal for the people on their block. Unfortunately, it turned out that four servers and a bartender were renting out the house at the end of the street. By six thirty that evening, they were on an hour wait time and over the occupation limit of the house. “It’s just so good to get away for a while,” Mary, garnishing a plate and handing it to a vacationing server, said, “I haven’t thought about work once since this morning. I feel like I can truly relax now that I’ve got all this stress on my shoulders. I told my husband that I’d be shutting the dinner down at ten and going out with him, but we’ve got so many resos tomorrow I think I’m gonna stay in do some prep instead.”

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