ROCKLIN, CA — It has been reported that a line cook from pear-wasp’s restaurant, Daniel Glenn, paid last month’s rent with the compliments he has been receiving from guests. “I heard that my co-workers in the front of the house were using their rewards for doing a good job to do things like pay rent, buy groceries, full up their tank, you know stuff like that,” says Glenn, “so I thought, why shouldn’t I?”Witnesses say he handed over a large stack of “complements”, equivalent of about $500 US dollars as of this reporting. His landlord accepted the currency and he was able to stay another month in his apartment. “You’d think the people who actually made the food should get some kind of reward that has value in this world,” says Glenn’s co-worker, Steve Johnson, “Daniel is one of our best cooks here. Every night he works, all the servers are coming back to the kitchen giving him complements on how great the food was.”“I don’t even have to make the food and I get rewarded for how good it is,” Says Sally Barton, a waitress at pear-wasp’s, “It’s amazing how the customer tells me how wonderful the risotto was and to give complements to the chef, yet hands me the money that I get to keep!”Glenn’s landlord has declined to speak with the press regarding this story.

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