SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Bob, the grill cook At Heaven’s living room bar/grill peered longingly at the New York strip resting on the plate, looking so peaceful amidst the chaos around him during a Friday night dinner service. As pots and pans crashed, the fryer beeped, the ticket printer screeched, and ceramic plates were thrown hastily and loudly into the dish pit, Bob had a sudden epiphany.

“Suddenly I realized that the steaks get more rest time than I do,” Says Bob when interviewed after the kitchen closed, “Chef always makes sure we rest our steaks, but he never checks on us, you know? It would be nice if I too could chill and take a breather after getting grilled. But as soon as the dinner rush is over, there’s always something to do, like finishing that prep project I started before we got railed with tickets.”

The press also interviewed Jim, Bob’s co-worker on Saute.

“Must be nice to just sit and chill there for 5 minutes without being told ‘You got time to lean you got time to clean!’” says Jim, “I’m lucky to get a 30-second pee break after a rush, and when I come back I got a string of tickets hanging from the printer to welcome me back.”

Our reporters would have continued this interview, but a manager saw the two line cooks standing and talking, and promptly told them to continue closing duties, noting that, “that grease trap ain’t gonna empty itself!”

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