CHICAGO, IL — An area restaurant, and bastion of creative expression, has announced plans to bring their high-minded approach to cuisine a step further. Coming this spring, they will be offering an array of dishes that promise to almost capture the essence of Wes Anderson’s films. If you are a fan of occasionally saying that you’re ‘going to the cinema’ instead of saying ‘going to see a movie,’ look no further for an experience that will fail to vindicate your personal opinion of what the dishes should be. All this despite the fact that the chefs who prepared the meal know what they’re doing, more so than you do.

Sauce OTS approached several customers interested in taking part in the dining experience. Here’s what they had to say:

“The best part for me will be to try and rationalize the amount of money I’m about to spend on a meal that will never live up to my expectations,” David Anthony, 42 year old Wes Anderson superfan and proud father of several cats, said, “I guess what it’s really about is the desire to walk away with the unjustified feeling that I could have done better than the chef.”

“I’m just really excited to miss the point of the meal entirely,” Sarah Bannon, avid fan of The Grand Budapest Hotel, told Sauce OTS, “I’ve only seen one of West Anderson’s movies; but I don’t think that matters at all, I’m just going to eat half of each course anyway. All I care about is being seen eating it.”

Sam Madson, professional Yelp reviewer, took a different approach to the idea, “honestly, I’ll eat everything they put in front of me and I know it’s going to be great, but that won’t be reflected in my review at all. I’m going to give them three stars and then write several paragraphs detailing why it should have been a Coen Brothers themed experience. As someone who only eats out and never cooks for myself, I feel like I’m in a unique position to give them the menu consultation they never asked for.”

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