LEADVILLE, CO – Server Stacey Jones at Well Done My Good And Faithful Servant steakhouse winced as her customer at table 47 ordered the $54 Filet mignon plate well-done. From her previous experience at other restaurants, she expected there to be a riot in the kitchen when she rang it in. But little did she know that the grill cook on duty, Mark Harrison, would be breathing a sigh of relief.“Unlike the mediums and below, I don’t have to keep my eye on it and worry about forgetting it and letting it overcook,” says Harrison, “I can just set it and forget it while I work on, you know, the 37 other things going on at the same time. It just takes a little of the pressure off.”Mark has noted that he has never had a well-done steak sent back because it was overcooked. Furthermore, he notes he does not get anxious watching it continue to cook under the heat lamp, unlike the medium-rares, which are usually medium by the time they actually leave the kitchen (thanks food runners).“Everyone thinks us chefs hate seeing a perfectly good filet mignon go to waste being cooked to well-done. But at the end of the day, I’m not the one paying money to eat it, so why should I care?”Reports say the customer was disappointed in the steak, saying it was “dry”, “chewy” and “took longer for us to be served than the table next to us, who ordered the fish and chips”.

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