CLEVELAND, OH — Kent Mallone, sous chef at Parfait Quarts, has nervously paced the line every morning for the past few days. The sole focus of Kent’s anxiety is the fact that his monthly delivery of meat is currently two weeks late. The thoughts racing through his head only serve to stoke his fears even further. Musings such as: “What will this mean for my career?” and “How will I tell my chef?” have been washing over him ever since the first day his truck was late. “I’m just too young for something like this to happen to me,” Kent, constantly glancing down at his phone, told Sauce On the Side. “What will my life be like if my delivery never shows up?” Sophia Cortez, his head chef, has enjoyed watching her young protege’s conflictions these past weeks. “I never bothered to tell him we canceled his order this month,” Chef Cortez said. “I just keep bringing it up to him and every time I do he gets so squeamish. It’s hilarious. I can’t wait to see how relieved he is when the truck shows up next month. I bet he’ll cry.”

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