NEWARK, NJ — The staff at Here Comes Truffle know they’re terrible people. That’s exactly why they have a game called “Order a double, get two singles.” The entire point of the game is to get any couple who shows up as drunk as possible, try as hard as they can to get them to start fighting, and then watch the fireworks -bonus points are awarded if someone has to call the police. Until now, the exercise that guarantees them a spot in hell/kills time had been wildly successful and then Jordan Meyers and Greg Blair showed up. “We’ve done everything right,” Kelsey Darnell, their server, told Sauce OTS, “but it’s just not enough. The kitchen has been holding on to their order for the past forty-five minutes, we put them right under a vent and cranked the AC, they’ve had a shit ton to drink, I’ve been flirting with the guy every single time I come up to check on them, and we’re playing Say Yes to the Dress on all the TVs. Still, nothing. This is total bullshit, we know they’re a couple. All of this is prime ‘let’s fight’ material.” “What’s going on here,” Jordan asked Greg. “We’re going to be late to the family reunion if we don’t get our food soon, and I’m not going to eat whatever Uncle Lou is grilling.” “I don’t know, dude,” Greg said. “Just be glad we’re getting stiff drinks. I’m not showing up without a solid buzz, anyway.”

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