MILWAUKEE, WI — David Brunt has made it a point over the course of his tenure serving at Jamaican Me Crazy to always give his customers an honest answer. The kitchen appreciates that he never blames them unjustly and the other servers love his ability to deftly handle difficult customers. His tables, however, often find David’s approach frustratingly unhelpful. “I know he’s being very forthcoming with us, but it’s not exactly what we need right now,” Mark Tanner, one of Mr. Brunt’s customers, told Sauce OTS, “we asked him what his favorite dish here was and all he said was ‘Oh boy, honestly I like everything here.’ I don’t know what we’re supposed to do with that.”


Unfortunately, it seems that his incessant candor is a bit of a double edged sword for David. Some customers will ask him what he’s going to eat for his shift meal, to which he responds: “You know, I’m not sure. I’ll probably just get something on the way home.” Some of his other notably useless answers include: “I don’t think I could possibly decide between those two options, so I won’t make that call for you;” “Every cocktail here is sweet in it’s own way;” and “It could be spicy, depending on what your definition of spicy is.” David is entirely unaware that he maddens every single one of his tables with this approach. He insists that it has nothing to do with how low his tips always are, and maintains that the most important thing anyone can do is never tell a lie.

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