OMAHA, NE — Stacy Cantor walked into local vegetarian restaurant We’ve Got The Beet like any other customer that day. She was greeted by the host, taken to her table, and then given a menu. The whole thing seemed routine, another unremarkable lunch for Miss Cantor. It wasn’t until five minutes after she had told her server what she wanted to order that things took a turn.


Brad Connor, the manager on duty at We’ve Got The Beet ran out to her table and, in between breaths, asked her if she wanted a job. “I wasn’t really sure why he was panting so hard,” Stacy told Sauce On the Side, “the dude maybe ran fifteen feet. Anyway he started telling me that I’d be a great fit at this restaurant. He didn’t care that I have literally no experience working in food service whatsoever. I’m in between jobs right now, so I decided to go ahead and take him up on the offer.”


Brad, Miss Cantor’s new boss, is overjoyed that she decided to join the We Got The Beet team.”When I saw how pissed the kitchen got when her ticket came in, I knew the Stacy was going to make an excellent addition to our staff,” Mr. Connor said, “if I’m being honest, customer service is only a fraction of the job we do in the front of house. I’d have to say that the lion’s share of work is devoted to willfully sabotaging everything the kitchen does.”

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