FORT WAYNE, IN — Patrons of The Gentlemen’s Club, a local country club restaurant, have been enjoying the sight of their servers and bartenders staring at the television instead of paying any attention to them whatsoever. “I’m a very important man, I am one of the thousands of people who make an absurd amount of money in finance,” Dale Dawson, one of the customers currently being ignored, told Sauce OTS, “so it’s nice to blend in every now and then. I really feel like I’m not getting any special treatment because of how big of a deal I am, and it’s great.”

At this point, the staff has been watching a How It’s Made marathon for around three and a half hours. Five tables have walked out without paying for their food, two more have been waiting forty five minutes for their food, and one person sitting at the bar has been refilling his own drinks quite generously. The kitchen staff hasn’t noticed anything amiss due to the fact that they have been cleaning the same fryer for several hours and listening to podcasts. It seems that the staff themselves have no plans to do anything other than side work fifteen minutes before the night shift shows up.

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