BOISE, ID — The local Dave & Buster’s has recently added a new game to their barcade and restaurant. It is called “We All Float Down Here” and it puts any of the other simulation style games available to shame. The game was conceived by Kirsten Bell, a server at Dave & Buster’s, in the middle of a particularly rough shift during football season. “I just kept thinking to myself, ‘if only you people knew what this was like,’ and then it hit me,” Kirsten told Sauce OTS, “They pay good money for these stupid games all the time. Why don’t we just turn our jobs into a game for them.”


A single game of We All Float Down Here lasts four hours on average and there are three distinct character options to choose from. One character referred to as: “The Cook” consists of making the food and constantly trying to keep ticket times as low as possible in order to get the highest score. The Bartender is one of the more popular choices and largely deals with making cocktails. There are penalties for drinking while working this position and the points are accumulated based on the level of intoxication you are able to get your patrons to. The third option is called The Server and involves handling tables where fellow customers are seated, bringing them food and drinks, and ensuring that they have an optimal experience. Points are distributed through a “tipping system” that has been uniquely created for this character option.

The game itself has been a massive success for the location, with every single staff member praising Kirsten for her ingenuity. “The beauty of it is that we get to pocket all the tips they make and we still get paid for the hours they worked,” Miss Bell said. Customers love it just as much, with many of them claiming that We All Float Down Here is the best bang you can get for your buck at Dave & Buster’s. There are plans to expand the character choices to include busboy, manager and dishwasher roles. The game will be launching at all locations nationwide next year.

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