WICHITA, KS — Sarah and David Smith, 6 and 8 years old respectively, opened a successful corner lemonade stand 5 days ago with seed money from their parents and a few neighborhood friends. Their return on investment has been substantial with nominal overhead and excellent net growth. Leminadde, LLC has been looking to expand their business into broader markets. After several company meetings and a generous loan from their mother and father, Sarah and David negotiated the purchase of an Easy Bake Oven, in order to provide assorted treats for the line of cars around the block for their establishment. Sauce OTS has been given exclusive interviews with the Lemonade magnates.

“My brother has just gotten so mean ever since he started planning the menu,” Sarah Smith, co-founder of Leminadde, LLC, told Sauce OTS, “we started this to have fun and stuff, and now he’s so serious. He threw a whole bunch of swiss on the ground after he tried the sandwiches I made and he told me to learn how to make a cuban. I don’t even know what that means. He yelled at me after I told him that I wanted to charge two quarters for a pizza. I can’t even tell if he’s having fun with our lemonade stand anymore.”

“Yeah, she would think this is all about fun,” David Smith, executive chef, informed this reporter, “I’ve been watching Gordon Ramsay on TV before my bedtime so that I can pick up her slack. Everything she has tried to put on the menu has been shit, and I don’t think she can tell. My soup du jour is going to suffer if she can’t work a double today. Sarah wanted to be a grown up when we started this lemonade stand, and now that we’re talking about franchising she gets cold feet. If my sister sends me back one more on the fly ticket today, I think I’m going to fire her and hire that cute 5th grader down the street.”

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