PHILADELPHIA, PA — Dominic Decoco, a recent arrival in America from Italy, has been delighted with his host country’s cuisine options. Dominic’s current obsession is the fresh take on what is supposed to be his homeland’s signature dishes. “Olive Garden is my number one,” Decoco told Sauce OTS, “It is amazing how they can turn food my grandmother would serve me into something completely unrecognizable. I accidently sent the fetuccini back twice, before I realized that they were serious.” Determined to adapt to his new surroundings, the exchange student reluctantly tasted his meal and immediately fell in love.

“Taco Bell was the first thing I tried when I got here, and I thought the food wasn’t going to get any better than that,” Dominic explained, “I was shocked that my host family had kept the Olive Garden a secret from me for even a day. I just love how America can take any country’s cuisine and completely destroy any semblance of the culture in it, or disregard the way the dish is supposed to be made entirely.” While his family his happy that Dom is having such a great time stateside, they fear that he’s kind of missed the point. Sarah, his host mother, had this to say: “I feel bad that Dominic is so confused about what Olive Garden has to offer. He keeps calling it American food, but even when I look on Google, Olive Garden is categorized as Italian food. I think he just needs some more time here to understand. We’re going to take him to Pizza Hut next, so he can get another taste of his native country.”

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