Atlanta, GA — Larry’s, which has been a staple in the community since the 1970’s, is famous for what is colloquially known as, “Larry’s Final Rub.” The “Rub” is a final pass by the chef and founder, Big Larry, in which he delivers the final layer of flavor: his secret rub. Larry’s has been referred to as the perfect experience. “Cheap. Fast. And that Rub…” is the secret to Larry’s success and any improvement seemed impossible.

Enter Trey Douglas, a first-time patron, who pitched a revolutionary new idea to Big Larry himself. “I think you would make so much more money if you had another guy rubbing the meat,” Trey said. “Well damn, I never thought about that,” Big Larry responded, much to the dismay of customers who were within earshot. “It’s not about the rub,” one customer said, “It’s about Larry. A man who perfected rubbing meat 45 years ago, and has never stopped.”

Six months later, Larry’s famous rub is still not on store shelves. Sauce OTS was able to get a quick follow-up with Big Larry: “I won’t lie, I’ve had the idea before. Didn’t feel right. I couldn’t trust another person’s hands rubbing my meat.”

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