JERUSALEM — After several fruitful sit down meetings, the staff of The Gaza Sip has returned to their default, divisive dynamic. The negotiations had been proceeding without issue for several months. During which time they had settled several contentious matters including: whether FOH authority would be recognized in the BOH, who owns the POS system and when the kitchen could use it to clock in, and who exactly can lay true claim to the dishwashers. The entirety of the mediation was overseen by a neutral third party; the manager of Dolmacracy, the restaurant next door. Violent protests erupted soon after the matter of arbitration was introduced.


“We were a bar first, they only added the kitchen 69 months ago,” Jerry Duval, FOH manager said, “as such, I feel that it is our right to have significantly greater ownership of the towel supply.” This sentiment appears to be shared by the every other server and bartender as well. Unfortunately for them, the line cooks remain adamant that they have a right to the towels. “We were promised the whole shipment of towels by the owner well before most of those guys were even hired,” Tom Jones, kitchen manager exclaimed, “it’s not like we wouldn’t give them some of the towels whenever they asked. I’m not even sure they can properly handle the amount they have right now.”

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