TAMPA, FL — The front of house staff at Bacon Me Crazy has been hosting their own group therapy sessions after work for over a month now. The topic of the meetings is entirely centered around their pure, unbridled hatred for Travis Canton, one of the line cooks at Bacon Me Crazy. The initial idea behind the gatherings was to distract themselves from Travis’s behavior by doing fun games or puzzles together, but that portion of the meetings was quickly shuttered after they realized that it would always circle back to how much they dislike him.


“He’s literally the worst,” Stephanie Baxter, a server at Bacon Me Crazy and regular victim of Travis’s Travisness, told Sauce OTS, “any time I ask him a question, he fires back with some snarky comment about how stupid I am, or something. I’m just glad we can all get together every night and discuss our latest Travisties.” Managers regularly attend the sessions as well, largely due to the fact that they are afraid of what Mr. Canton will say to them if they try to confront him about his attitude. Sometimes the attendees fantasize about what it would be like to work without Travis, once a month they have a guest speaker come in who used to work with him but has since left the restaurant, other times the employees imagine scenarios where Travis is fired or mamed. Tomorrow’s session is entitled “Travis and His Parents: Where They Went Wrong.”

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