Grill Cook Grills For Family On Day Off

By September 20, 2019 No Comments

SELENA, GA — It’s a warm, tranquil spring day, and Jeff Gleason is actively hating his life. In addition to working 50 hours or more at a local bar and grille, Mr. Gleason occupies the position of ‘family grill cook.’ It appears that Jeff’s family hates him, just as much as he hates himself. Alternating his time between grilling inside and grilling outside has left Mr. Gleason with deep familial resentment and a nagging need to question every single one of his life choices. “He just looks so happy over there,” his ignorant wife remarks, “I think it’s good for him to be outside on his one day off.” As Jeff slowly feels himself turning into the grill, a numbness washes over him. It’s not relaxation, he hasn’t felt that in years, the sensation is closer to resignation. It appears that Mr. Gleason has finally accepted that he will know grills better than he knows his family. Jeff watches the meat sizzle, and lets it burn. If there’s anything he knows, is that 2+2=5 and he loves his grill.

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